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Is a Low-cost Virtual Office Right For Me?

While a segment of the workforce is moving back to their physical office space, much of it is staying remote. It is true that not every business can function with all, or even some, of its members working remotely, but many have learned over the past two years that they can. Both established companies and smaller entrepreneurial endeavors have found that there are a few advantages to a low-cost virtual office. Is it the right choice for you?

Does My Business Rely On Foot Traffic?

If a significant part of your business model involves foot traffic or people window shopping, then a low-cost virtual office most likely isn’t the solution that will work best for you. You will probably want to find a physical location. But if your business is not based primarily in a neighborhood, then virtual may be a consideration for you.

How is My Self Discipline?

This is an important question. It can also be a tough answer to accept. Some people simply need the structure of a physical workplace. Others may find it difficult to stay focused on work and not be tempted to get off track with household chores, pets or the other distractions that inhabit the home. If you find it easy to stay on task and expertly manage your time, then a virtual office may be very productive. If that doesn’t describe you or your team, then a physical space, like an executive suite, may be a good alternative. Some success tips can be found here.

Will The Clients Brought In By A Physical Office Pay For It?

You know your clientele. If most of them expect to come into an office space or a physical store, then you probably should do that. But what if it’s only a few? Are those few clients enough to justify the expense of renting physical space? If the answer is not clear, a virtual office provider may be the answer. Most of them have meeting rooms or conference rooms that you can use when needed. This way you avoid paying for space that you aren’t using most of the month.

What About The Address?

There is of course an appeal to having an address located in a city or region you are doing business in, even if it’s a virtual provider that is forwarding everything to your home office. And there is even an upside to having an address in a popular or historic area. Low-cost virtual office providers can do this for you.

At the same time, your privacy is protected. Using your home address as your business address may seem convenient, but it can have safety implications too. Having your home address start to show up on Google searches may not be what you want, yet your business needs Google results. This can be a hazard for certain types of professions or even those who may be vulnerable to stalkers or disgruntled customers. Having an address that doesn’t lead to your home has almost no downside.

Do I Need to Sell In-Person?

Every situation isn’t the same. Some types of sales or sales tactics are far more effective when done in person. While some of that can be done at your client’s office, sometimes it should be at yours. Again, you know your clientele and your situation better than anyone. If you can make your pitch in a coffee shop or at lunch, that’s great. If your situation requires fewer distractions or privacy, then a physical location may be the right answer for you.

If you find yourself with a mixed response, a virtual office augmented by a provider like First Street Executive Suites may be the right answer. This gives you the conveniences of a virtual office while enjoying the advantages of being able to use meeting or conference rooms when necessary.

First Street Executive Suites can provide a low-cost virtual office starting at $99.00 a month. You can have a prestigious business address in the historic Earnhardt building in downtown Fort Myers. Take a virtual tour of your new virtual office and start seeing the possibilities. Contact us for questions and details of the different packages.