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The Advantages of a Virtual Office in Florida

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketplace saw a lot of people leave their workplaces and become entrepreneurs. In addition, we saw a lot of existing businesses start to adopt a remote work model that did not need the physical spaces they previously had. The immediate temptation for many is to just use a post office box as their new business address. While a PO box is inexpensive, it may not be the best choice for a business. Instead, there is a case to be made for a virtual office in Florida.

Legal Requirements

If your business structure is something like a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, the state of Florida requires the use of a physical address to register the company. They will not allow a PO Box to be used for registration. This often leads to the entrepreneur using his/her home address for the registration.

One of the big downsides to this practice is the public records laws in Florida. Chapter 286 of the Florida statutes, the “Government in the Sunshine” laws, make most government records open to the public. This includes the registration information on your business. Using a virtual office in Florida allows you to have a physical address that meets the legal requirements but does not lead anyone with internet access to your front door.

Cash Flow

Most people who start a business do it with an eye on their cash flow. There are expenses that can’t be avoided, but some can be. Office space is not cheap, but a virtual office is a very affordable option. In addition, it doesn’t require the multi-year lease commitment that many property owners want. This keeps your capital available for uses you deem most important.


It can be difficult for a new business to break into the marketplace. And established businesses want to keep their reputation intact. Whether valid or not, there can be a bias against PO boxes from potential customers. Some potential customers may fear that a business without a physical address will disappear.

Google and Search Results

Whether or not Google is your preferred search engine, we have to acknowledge that it is a power player when it comes to driving business growth. Potential customers find your business through search engines like Google in a majority of cases.

However, if you want to have some control over how your business appears on Google, you need to claim your business and set up your account. This allows you to interact with those leaving you reviews or that want to contact you. The Google verification process often involves sending you a postcard to your physical address. Also, the physical address changes how you show up when people search for businesses based on areas or “near me”.

Other Services

A virtual office in Florida will often allow you access to services or facilities that you don’t get with a PO box. For example, a virtual office at First Street Executive Suites includes the ability to utilize our conference and meeting rooms. Some meetings may be fine at a coffee shop, but there are times that call for a professional environment. No more awkward crowding around a laptop screen or trying to be heard over baristas mispronouncing someone’s name. Instead, your presentation is shown on large high-definition screens in a quiet conference room.

First Street Executive Suites can help you establish a virtual office in Fort Myers starting at $99.00 a month. You can have a prestigious business address in downtown Fort Myers. Take a virtual tour of your new office and start seeing the possibilities. Contact us for questions and details of the different packages.